You have the Problem! and We have the solution

Three million units – that is the reality of blood shortage in our country according to a 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) report. With a population of 1.2 billion, it is a shame that we are falling short of the required 12 million blood units annually. Lack of awareness and incorrect information or myths around blood donation in India are cited as the main reasons behind this shortfall.

It is this gap that a Bangalore-based organization called Khoon is trying to bridge.From a population of around 40-50 crore young people, if only 1-2 % start donating regularly, this shortage can be eradicated.

Be that unique percentage of youth, save lives and be a superhero.

To ensure that no body dies for the want of something that is abundant in everyone’s body.
To Ensure That No Life Is Lost Due to Blood Scarcity.
It is to make someone shed the Red for a Good Sake.
Largest Network of Emergency Donors in India


It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the blood donation process. Any healthy adult between 18 years and 60 years of age can donate blood.


Blood type is determined by which antibodies and antigens the person's blood produces. An individual has two types of blood groups namely ABO-grouping and Rh-grouping.


Donating blood is a life saving measure especially when you have a rare blood type. We can save upto 3 to 4 precious lives by donating blood.


A blood bank is a place designed especially for the storage of blood. Large coolers hold these products at a constant temperature and they are available at a moment's notice.

Want to Doante Blood!