Ananya AS
We are happy to declare Ananya AS as the best volunteer of the month June at Khoon. Ananya had been very prominent and trustworthy in the past month and has dedicated to the most and been active in all the on-going activities. Thank You Ananya. We appreciate your dedication. Keep up the Noble work
Suchit heading from hubli, Karnataka has donated blood 27 times ( 15- Whole Blood, 12 SDP ) by the age of 25. India needs youth like Suchit who are ready to sacrifice their 15 minutes of time to save a life. We are glad to be connected with you Suchit. Keep Going.
Mahasweta Pattrea
We are delighted to have Mahasweta Pattrea heading from Kolkata as one of our best interns. Mahasweta's creativity and skills have helped us reach out the maximum people and aware them about blood donation. We would love to have you in the organization for a longer run Mahasweta. We are proud of you.
Aashima Garg
So, It's time to introduce our Super Intern. Welcome Aashima Garg from PU, Chandigarh. It's been just a week since Aashima started her Internship at Khoon and all of us are amazed by her dedication. Well, Aashima will be revealing her work soon to the public. Be Awaited